Making Eden Energy Medicine Our Own

There's a lot of talk about energy medicine these days, but many people don't really know what energy medicine is and all that it encompasses.

The "brand" of energy medicine I practice is called Eden Energy Medicine, after Donna Eden, who developed it. This summer, I'm taking part in a project called Making Eden Energy Medicine Our Own. Created by my friend and colleague, Barbara Ann O'Leary, MEEMOO brings together a core group of Eden Energy Medicine practitioners, students and teachers who will be sharing from their personal experiences of using this type of energy medicine.

It's going to be a very flavorful sharing, that will hopefully inspire and encourage people from all kinds of backgrounds to get a taste of ways Eden Energy Medicine could enhance their life and well being.

I'm going to be sharing some of the posts here, so check back often to enjoy our stories, experiences and insights.

The first post is from Lyn Milum, a Homeopath and Eden Energy Medicine Clinical Practitioner in Florida:

Making Eden Energy Medicine My Own

Why isn't it mine already? A big part of my personal journey is finding myself in my life. I was an excellent student in high school and college, figuring out what the professors wanted, getting the "A." It was a fairly simple formula. Then, when I studied nutrition, homeopathy, and how to homeschool, I was bewildered by the different experts who taught seemingly contradictory truths about all these things, who were also "right," in their way. I have moved through anguish, frustration and futility as I tried to navigate through the world of information, trying to find what works for me. But a question I didn't ask for many years was, "what is my personal way?" Instead, my inclination was to fit myself into a path that was outlined by others, and try to walk it with excellence. [read more]

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Barbara said...

Thanks, Jyoti. So glad you've joined the project.