Beyond Technique

"That was very different from any massage I've ever had! What were you doing?" I've heard this many times during my years of practice. I have to answer that it's not so much about what I'm doing as what I'm not doing. Now that sounds like a bit of a contradiction, so let me explain. There are all kinds of massage techniques, from Swedish to Trigger Point, Neuromuscular Therapy to Myofascial Release and many therapists rely on a particular specialty. By far the best massages I have received have been when the therapist was present, no matter what techniques were used.

Imagine, you come for a massage, with high expectations of a deeply relaxing experience. No matter how hard you try to relax, your mind races as you think about everything, from the movie you watched last night, to what you're going to have for dinner. Suddenly, your 60 minute massage is over, but it feels more like 15 minutes. Chances are, if this happens during your massage, your therapist is not present either. Instead of being in the moment with you, she is off in another world, thinking about the fight she had with her boyfriend this morning, whether she made the bank deposit... meanwhile she is performing a standard sequence of techniques on your body. Sound familiar?

Now imagine, you receive a massage where you sink deeply into relaxation, fully aware of the therapist's hands communicating with your body, of your breath and the stillness of the moment. You fall into profound silence. It feels like 60 minutes has stretched into the longest massage you've ever had. If you meditate, you may recognize this experience: presence, awareness, being in the moment. When your massage therapist is present, your being responds by finding that same place within.

Being present with clients means each massage is unique. It's a journey I take with the individual on my table, into whatever is happening from one moment to the next throughout the session. The less I think, the more I can simply BE and the more freely the dance between our two energies unfolds on its own.

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