Class Update - Black Pearl Sanctuary

Monday's Energy Practice Class here in Sedona will give an opportunity to learn the Black Pearl Sanctuary. This is a profound yet simple technique that directly affects the hypothalamus gland and triple warmer meridian. It is essential when dealing with long term stress and is deeply relaxing.

The whole class will be dedicated to the Black Pearl so that everyone gets a chance to give it to someone else and to receive it too.

The class starts at 3:00 pm and you will need to sign up, either by email or by calling me at 928-282-7614. There is an $8 drop in charge.

If you're just visiting Sedona, this could be a wonderful introduction to Eden Energy Medicine, and a great way to meet some locals. If you live in the area, come try out the class and find out how much better it will make you feel!

Donna Eden's daughter, Titanya

Donna's eldest daughter Titanya, is a friend and a very special being. Those of you have who have attended one of Donna and David's classes or trainings will have experienced the exuberance and joy that enters the room when Titanya is sharing her Energy Dance or poi ball demonstrations. Titanya, has been seriously ill these past few weeks. If you feel to, please send your love and healing to her. You can read updates about her condition on the blog her partner, Jeff, has set up for her.

Hopefully it won't be too long before our beautiful Tanya is brimming with vitality again and sharing her wonderful free spirit with us once more.