Shop in Sedona

If you live in Sedona, you've probably received a Shop Local card in your mailbox and are just itching to get out there and use it! I didn't waste any time in getting a deal posted on the Shop in Sedona website (click the image above to have a look), which offers a $25 discount to locals on our hour and longer sessions. I've also put all the details up on a special page on my website. You can even pay by credit card right on the website.

Shop Local is all about stimulating the economy and keeping our dollars in Sedona, so it made sense to me to offer a discount that would really have an impact.

It's so easy to talk yourself out of buying "non-essentials" when money gets a little tight. But your health and well being should stay right there at the top of your list of what's truly important. Donna Eden, renowned healer and pioneer in the field of energy medicine, maintains that there is a stress component in all modern illness and disease. It's a fact of the way we live life today in the western world that our bodies are under some degree of stress a lot of the time. Having a way of reducing the impact of stress is essential in maintaining health and being happy.

Getting regular massages, bodywork and energy work should be top priority for all of us. There simply is no substitute for human touch. Really. A massage chair (as in one of those that vibrates up and down your back) just doesn't provide the energetic connection of another human's hands on your body, to say nothing of all the nurturing and love we receive in a massage.

I really miss my massages when I'm not getting one every couple of weeks. Come to think of it, I could do with one right about now. How about you?

To book your discount session (Massage, Energy or Chakra Balancing, Transformational Breath, Soul Reading), go to the website. Offer valid until October 31st, 2009, so hurry!