Special Event in Sedona

It's official! Donna Eden is going to be in Sedona for a special evening presentation on January 29th. You won't want to miss this rare opportunity, so mark your calendars and tell your friends.

Energy Medicine: A Hands On Introduction

with Donna Eden & David Feinstein

Friday, January 29, 2010

7:00 - 9:30 pm (doors 6:30 pm)
followed by a book signing

Sedona Creative Life Center
333 Schnebly Hill Rd
Sedona 86336

$15 advance ($20 at the door)

Tickets are on sale now at:

Crystal Magic and Golden Word Bookstore in Sedona

direct from me (email or call 928-282-7614)

online by credit card
($1.00 surcharge applies)

Energy Medicine shows you how to increase your vitality, enhance health, boost joy, and send healing to areas of your body that need attention. In this brief class, you will learn simple techniques for optimizing your body's energies that you can use for the rest of your life. From remedies for "scrambled" energies to a simple technique for improving your memory, a series of useful and user-friendly techniques will be presented. According to Christiane Northrup, M.D., "Donna Eden is one of the most joyous and effective pioneers in the rapidly expanding and vitally important frontier called energy medicine."

Donna Eden has been a pioneer in Energy Medicine for more than 30 years, and she is among the field’s most sought, most joyous, and most authoritative spokespersons. Her book, Energy Medicine, was the Health Book of the Year at the prestigious Nautilus Book Awards, and is the classic in its field. According to Jean Houston, “Donna Eden's body energy work is perhaps the most brilliant, comprehensive, and effective system in the genre that I have ever seen.”

But wait, there's more! We're going to be having a special pre-event that will be free and open to all. I can't tell you anything else about it just yet, but check back in a day or so and all will be revealed.

Holiday Season Special Offer

I know December can be one of the most stressful months of the year for a lot of people. When you're deep in the busyness of the season, it's the perfect time to give yourself some special attention. Whether it's a relaxing Holistic Massage session, an Energy or Chakra Balance or a psychic Soul Reading, our December prices make these one hour sessions very affordable. They also make great gifts, and all sessions purchased through this offer can be redeemed until January 31, 2010. Ask about our Holiday Gift Cards.

Through December 31, 2009, all one hour sessions are only $50

You can save $35 - $45 on each session you purchase. So go ahead, why not treat yourself, your friends and loved ones. Purchasing is simple through our online system.

Computer woes

I was recently given the opportunity to experience first hand the daily reality of many of my clients. I got to sit in front of my computer for several hours a day over a period of a few weeks, as part of a short term contract job I took on.

It's been years since I've worked in an office environment, and although I use my computer on a daily basis for personal needs (Facebook, email, catching up with blogs and such like - all the necessary stuff!), I don't use it for too many tasks that involve hours of concentration and dedicated effort. At least, not for days on end, anyway.

Within a day or two, I had become that person with that niggling pinch in the shoulder (you know the one, right on the edge of the shoulder blade), the exhausted, dry eyeballs popping out of the head feeling, the "I've got to lie down right now because I feel like I've been run over with a Mack truck" kind of experience. Anyone know what I'm talking about? As a bodyworker, and particularly as one still working with clients as my "main" job, I quickly realized this wasn't an acceptable way of operating. So, to my toolbox I sped and started figuring out how to make this a manageable, situation.

First up, Energy Medicine (the Donna Eden variety). I knew I had a whole stack of tools ready to employ in such situations. I also knew from experience (my clients' and my own), that Energy Medicine only works when you actually use it - consistently. That said, it was up to me to stay tuned in to my body and take appropriate measures to balance the energies as they started to shift into unwanted patterns. Easier said than done. Computers have a way of sucking you in, overriding good sense and eating up hours the same way an ├╝bersized bag of popcorn gets consumed at the movies. I started to find that an hour was really the absolute maximum time I could stay in front of the screen before things started to go south. Ideally, every 30 minutes was a good time to stop briefly and do something else. That something else preferably including some energy exercises. Here are the ones I found most beneficial:

Revitalize with Tapping
- tap the brain points (K27) just below the inner edges of the collar bone (deep breath)
- tap the thymus point, in the middle of the sternum (deep breath)
- and because computer monitors (and laptops) are really good at depleting Spleen energy,
tap the Spleen points, one rib below the breasts in line with the nipple, and also Sp21 on the side of the ribs in line with the nipple (deep breath)

Benefits: counteracts sleepiness and sluggishness; gets the meridians running forwards; stimulates the immune system; strengthens Spleen

Stand up. This on its own is a really good move. Sitting for extended periods tends to stop things moving: energy, digestion, breath...

Connect Heaven & Earth. This qigong movement stretches one arm up towards heaven, and the other down towards the earth. Both hands are pulled back flat. Stretch on the inbreath and hold the stretch and the breath, then breathe out, let go and stretch up/down the other side, bringing the hands back to a prayer position in front of the chest each time. Do several times each side, then fold over and let the arms hang down, emptying out into the ground. Figure 8 the body on the way back up.

Benefits: this feels truly wonderful when you really s-t-r-e-t-c-h. Not only are you creating space in the torso and limbs, but you're also encouraging the meridians (especially Spleen) to get moving again, thereby removing energies that have become stagnant and are starting to settle in the joints, to say nothing of turning on the Radiant Circuits.

Wrist & Shoulder Stretch
While still standing, interlink the fingers of both hands, turn palms away from the chest and stretch the arms out in front. Slowly raise the arms up above the head with an inbreath. Hold for a moment, then separate the hands and bring them slowly down to each side while blowing out slowly through the mouth, as if through a straw.

Benefits: stretches the wrists and forearms, and also opens up the area between the shoulder blades. Normalizes blood pressure.

Spinal Twist
Twist from side to side, letting the arms swing freely, wrapping around the body.

Benefits: encourages flexibility of the spine and back

Tapping to Let Go
Use knuckles or heels of the hands to firmly tap down the outside of the upper legs, from hip to knee.

Benefits: stimulates the Large Intestine neurolymphatic points and encourages letting go

This whole sequence takes no more than a couple of minutes. Amazing how much more refreshed I could feel when I sat down again.

(Fresh as a daisy, in case you were wondering)

With stagnant energies dispersed and some space created in the body, massage works so much better. Here are my favorite self massage techniques for counteracting computer fatigue:

Head Rub & Neck Stretch
Vigorously rub and scratch all over the head. Deeply massage along the base of the skull, just above the neck. Take small handfuls of hair and grasp at the roots. Give a slight tug so the scalp lifts away from the head.

Starting at the base of the skull, place the fingertips in the center, push in and with pressure, drag the fingers apart, stretching across the back of the neck. Continue all the way down the neck and across the tops of the shoulders.

Shoulder Shrug
Shrug the shoulders up to the ears with an inbreath. Hold the breath and tense the shoulders as much as possible. When ready to breathe out, let go and allow the shoulders to drop in a fast movement. Repeat the same procedure, but this time rolling the shoulders back before letting them drop.

Shoulder Tenderizer
Take a hairbrush and with a light bounce, tap all over the tops of the shoulders, avoiding the bones.

Wrist & Ankle Twists
Twist the wrists and then the ankles in circles, one direction and then the other. Stretch as much as possible with each twist.

And finally,

Face Contortions
I don't know about you, but when I'm concentrating on something for long periods, my face can get frozen into one expression. It's not a pretty one. To remind me there are other things my face can still do (such as smile), I open my mouth as wide as I can and make all sorts of silly faces, stretching as much as possible. It feels wonderful getting the circulation going and relaxes all the tiny facial muscles that work so hard to hold a single expression.

During this interesting experiment into office life, I found that if I overrode my body's signals and went for too long between breaks, it took more exercises and more time to loosen things up and get the energies moving again. So I learned that no matter how involved I was in something at the time, it was far better to stop for a minute or two, than do "just 5 more minutes", which usually ended up being 30 or more.

At the end of each day, I took a bath in epsom salts and baking soda, a refreshing pick me up that pulls out stagnant energies and toxins and buffs up the aura till it's shining like new.

Now when a client comes in with laptop shoulders and computer fatigue, I can share my tools with the added benefit of personal experience. I really do feel your pain!

Fall Turnover Special

Souls in changing seasons
Need nurture for many reasons.
The support and guidance to uplift
Make readings an inspired gift.

To celebrate the change in seasons, Tod invites you to Reading Room. Through the end of next week, Saturday, November 7th, he's offering Soul Readings by appointment at half price, a full
hour for $50, and a half hour for $27.50.

Also on offer is The Someone Special, which is a book of three readings, to be used by any one, two or three persons in combination, at 25% off, for $225, available through January 31st, 2010. Once you've purchased them they can be used anytime until the end of next year.

Everyone interested can reach Tod at (928) 451-4622. Or email: higherharmony[at]esedona.net.

Soul Readings are by appointment only and take place at the W. Sedona Studio. Please ask for directions.

Shop in Sedona

If you live in Sedona, you've probably received a Shop Local card in your mailbox and are just itching to get out there and use it! I didn't waste any time in getting a deal posted on the Shop in Sedona website (click the image above to have a look), which offers a $25 discount to locals on our hour and longer sessions. I've also put all the details up on a special page on my website. You can even pay by credit card right on the website.

Shop Local is all about stimulating the economy and keeping our dollars in Sedona, so it made sense to me to offer a discount that would really have an impact.

It's so easy to talk yourself out of buying "non-essentials" when money gets a little tight. But your health and well being should stay right there at the top of your list of what's truly important. Donna Eden, renowned healer and pioneer in the field of energy medicine, maintains that there is a stress component in all modern illness and disease. It's a fact of the way we live life today in the western world that our bodies are under some degree of stress a lot of the time. Having a way of reducing the impact of stress is essential in maintaining health and being happy.

Getting regular massages, bodywork and energy work should be top priority for all of us. There simply is no substitute for human touch. Really. A massage chair (as in one of those that vibrates up and down your back) just doesn't provide the energetic connection of another human's hands on your body, to say nothing of all the nurturing and love we receive in a massage.

I really miss my massages when I'm not getting one every couple of weeks. Come to think of it, I could do with one right about now. How about you?

To book your discount session (Massage, Energy or Chakra Balancing, Transformational Breath, Soul Reading), go to the website. Offer valid until October 31st, 2009, so hurry!

Soul Masters Healing Video

Take a look at this inspiring video about two Traditional Chinese Medicine doctors.


Massage Therapists Just Keep Going!

Here's a heartwarming story that was on Yahoo's UK site today. What an amazing lady!

Gran, 98, celebrates massage moment

A 98-year-old grandmother has been hailed Britain's oldest massage therapist as she celebrated 60 years in the profession. 

Evelyn Blackburn was first granted her licence to operate in 1949 and has just renewed it with Harrow Council.

Mrs Blackburn, of Pinner, north London, has treated tens of thousands of people since a friend's sore neck prompted her to learn the techniques of massage six decades ago.

But she has kept abreast of developments, embracing alternative treatments such as cupping - made famous by celebrity enthusiast Gwyneth Paltrow - and radiesthesia, which treats people's energy or auras.

Mrs Blackburn said: "I have massaged thousands of people over the years - from mothers and grandmothers to builders and scientists. Back when I started, I used iodine-based oil called Dragon's Blood. Nowadays, I use the modern substitutes. You have to move with the times.

"I still maintain the best treatment is a pair of hands.

"I don't think anything can replace massage. I have used lots of therapies and machines, but nothing is quite as effective.

"A massage is much better than all these advertised creams to put on your face and body, although the companies making the cream wouldn't like to hear that - but it's the truth."

Mrs Blackburn used to treat up to eight people a day at the clinic where she worked in Nower Hill, Harrow, but for past 24 years has worked from home in a room adapted into a studio.

Outside of her work, Mrs Blackburn, a widow for several years, has travelled to the US 67 times to visit her daughter and grandchildren.

Special Event!

You are invited to join the Introduction to Energy Medicine Class on Sunday, April 19 for Chakra Balancing.

You will learn
  • about the chakra system in Eden Energy Medicine
  • how the chakras affect our health and emotions
  • how to test each of the chakras
  • how to clear and balance the chakras in a complete healing session
Chakra work is one of the most powerful and effective ways to work with the body's energies.

What Donna Eden says about chakras:

"Chakras support everything. You can move deeply into the energy when you work on chakras. If I have one shot with a person, I do their chakras. Reiki works better if you do a chakra clearing first. It can go in deeper."

Even if you never learn how to work with any of the other nine energy systems of Eden Energy Medicine, learning how to work with the chakras alone will give you an effective tool you can use for yourself, and with friends and family. Chakra work is also a useful adjunct to other bodywork and healing modalities.

Space is limited, so early sign up is recommended.

When: Sunday, April 19 from 2 - 5 pm
Where: West Sedona
Cost: $47 including book ($30 without book)

Sign up on my website with Paypal
Full payment required to reserve your place

You will need to bring something to lie on (the floor is carpeted) and a light shawl or blanket for covering if you tend to get cold easily.

Class Update - Black Pearl Sanctuary

Monday's Energy Practice Class here in Sedona will give an opportunity to learn the Black Pearl Sanctuary. This is a profound yet simple technique that directly affects the hypothalamus gland and triple warmer meridian. It is essential when dealing with long term stress and is deeply relaxing.

The whole class will be dedicated to the Black Pearl so that everyone gets a chance to give it to someone else and to receive it too.

The class starts at 3:00 pm and you will need to sign up, either by email or by calling me at 928-282-7614. There is an $8 drop in charge.

If you're just visiting Sedona, this could be a wonderful introduction to Eden Energy Medicine, and a great way to meet some locals. If you live in the area, come try out the class and find out how much better it will make you feel!

Donna Eden's daughter, Titanya

Donna's eldest daughter Titanya, is a friend and a very special being. Those of you have who have attended one of Donna and David's classes or trainings will have experienced the exuberance and joy that enters the room when Titanya is sharing her Energy Dance or poi ball demonstrations. Titanya, has been seriously ill these past few weeks. If you feel to, please send your love and healing to her. You can read updates about her condition on the blog her partner, Jeff, has set up for her.

Hopefully it won't be too long before our beautiful Tanya is brimming with vitality again and sharing her wonderful free spirit with us once more.

We have a winner!

Congratulations to Diane Lukich (hope that's the right spelling - the writing was kind of hard to read) who is the winner of a private Energy Medicine session with me. I held a draw at the Sedona Women's Expo yesterday (Saturday), and Diane was lucky enough to have her name pulled. I've emailed her and hope to be hearing from her soon, otherwise we will go back and draw another one. 

The day was hard work for me, so I don't think I'll be doing another one any time soon. I'd much rather be teaching a class or giving sessions, but thank you to all who stopped by. It was lovely connecting, and finding out so many of you already know Donna Eden's work and have read the Energy Medicine book.

Tod and I are talking of having an event at home, as a way of introducing our work to more people. For those of you who don't already know, Tod is a very gifted soul reader and counselor.  He also works with sound and breath. Now the weather is getting warmer, we could do something outside. Let us know if you'd like an email letting you know of such events. I'll also post it here, so come back and check often!

Energy self-care tips: Making Space

Our bodies function best when there is space. That's why we can feel so sluggish when our muscles are tense and we're tight with stress. There's no space for the body to breathe. When you're feeling constrained, low on energy, tight, aching or lethargic, take a few minutes to create some space in your body and you'll be so glad you did.

  1. Stand up and stretch. Reach your arms high above you, grab one wrist and pull that arm over to the side and bend sideways as far as is comfortable. Feel the stretch from the hip all along the side of the ribcage, through the armpit and along the arm. Switch to the other side.
  2. Keep both arms reaching up. With each arm in turn, reach up and grab as if you're plucking an apple from a branch high above you. Repeat several times.
  3. Fold yourself over so you're arms are hanging to the ground. Feel your spine lengthen and the backs of your legs stretch. Breathe deeply and feel yourself dropping closer to the ground with each out breath. Slowly roll back up to a relaxed standing position.
  4. With spread fingers, gently tap all over your face, then a little harder over your head, from front to back. Keep tapping all the way to the shoulders. Do one shoulder at a time so you can tap harder, supporting the elbow of the tapping hand with your other hand.
  5. Tap on the chest below the inner corners of the collar bone, on the sternum and on the ribcage beneath each breast. 
  6. Continue around to the side of the ribcage, down the sides and onto the hips.
  7. Change to an open fist and pound the sides of the legs from hip to knee. Repeat 3 or 4 times.
  8. Sweep with open hands down the backs and sides of the legs to the feet, then back up the insides of the legs, across the groin to the hips and down around again a few times.
  9. The final time, sweep up the insides of the legs and continue up the front of the body, over the face to the crown of the head. Tap one time quickly on the crown with a "Tuhhh" sound and raise the arms above the head.
  10. Turn your hands so they face outwards and, blowing out your breath as if through a straw, slowly lower your arms to your sides.
Apart from feeling energized and refreshed after this, it's also good for calming you down if you are stressed, as the controlled breathing at the end will balance your blood pressure.

If you have a friend or co-worker who will try it with you, add the option of pounding with open fists down each other's backs (avoid tapping directly on the spine itself).

If you find you're particularly tense in the shoulders, use a hairbrush (the kind with the rounded tips) to tap all over the shoulder muscles. Allow your wrist to be loose so the brush can really bounce. It's more about the action of all the prongs than how hard you do it. This is a great way to break up tension in tight muscles and reset the spindle cells.

New Energy Medicine Classes

Okay, I admit I've been pretty slack about posting in a while. In my defense, I have been really busy between taking the Energy Medicine for Women Instructor Program (more about that later), fulfilling the requirements to become certified as an Eden Energy Medicine Practitioner (I officially graduated this month), and helping to host Donna Eden's class in Sedona this past weekend, to say nothing of moving house in the middle of all that. Things are starting to ease up a bit now, so I realized it was time to get back on the blog and give you some news and updates.

The EM4W Instructor Program took place in San Francisco last September. I became certified in this so that I can offer classes in my local community (here in Sedona), and share these brilliant techniques with the women who need them. Which is just about everyone. We all have hormones, right? It's even useful information for men, if you live with a woman, or have women in your life, there's all sorts of information that will help you navigate the sometimes treacherous path of male/female relationships.

I'm currently working out a schedule and looking at possible locations for the Energy Medicine for Women classes, which I'm planning on starting in the spring. If this is something you are interested in, drop me a line so I can put you on the mailing list.

Coming up at the end of February, I'm going to be an exhibitor at the Sedona Women's Expo. This is happening on February 28th (Saturday) from 10  am to 2 pm at the Sedona Elk's Lodge. Please drop by if you're in town. There's going to be tons of stuff on offer that's relevant to all women. I'll be giving mini massages and mini Energy Medicine assessments/treatments. You'll be able to view the Energy Medicine for Women DVD (fingers crossed I get the electric hookup I requested), and have all your questions answered. I'm also planning on having both of Donna Eden's books available for purchase (maybe the DVD too), and there are going to be some excellent prizes on offer in the drawing.

Other Energy Medicine news is that our weekly practice class in now on Mondays at 3:00 pm. If you'd like to join us, you'll need to register the first time, and get directions. 

The practice class isn't for everyone. I know that some of you would like to have more of a formal study class for Eden Energy Medicine, so I'm looking at the possibilities of providing a class either once a week, or for a few hours 1 - 2 weekends a month where we can go through the Energy Medicine book step by step. Please let me know of your interest in this and whether you would prefer a weekly (1 - 2 hours) or monthly (4 - 5 hours) class.

If you're wondering what's happened to massage in the midst of all the energy medicine excitement, I can assure you that I'm still giving plenty of massages. Tod and I have teamed up to provide a "Coming Home" experience for those who are looking for direction in their lives. I give an Energy Massage that brings you to a place of receptivity and gets you in touch with your center, then Tod gives a (channeled) Soul Reading. They are proving to be popular and we've had some very encouraging feedback.