Getting Back On Track

Aside from some noticing a change in some TV and radio schedules, Arizonans (except those living on the Navajo Nation) are blissfully unaware of what most of the rest of the country went through this past weekend. Yes, I'm talking about the Fall time change, when the initial euphoria at realizing you have an extra hour in bed on Sunday morning is quickly tempered by the not so pleasant realization that it now gets dark an hour earlier. There are other repercussions too, as your body clock tries to adjust to the shift. Different mealtimes and bedtimes can make you feel out of sorts for a few days.

Sparky (her nom de plume), the Innersource blogger, "face" of their Facebook page and website updater, did some research on Energy Medicine techniques to get you through the time change with minimal disruption. She did a wonderful job, pulling tips from various senior practitioners as well as Donna Eden herself. But then a minor glitch in her preparations appeared. Somehow she forgot to do the techniques herself! Sparky wrote a lovely post on the Innersource blog about her experience following the time change. I'm sure there are a few of you who can relate. So please, go on over to the blog, read about what you should have been doing last week and do it now!

Have you been feeling (or looking) like this?

Deb Vetter was the winner of the costume contest at the Eden Energy Medicine Certification Program Halloween party in Phoenix recently. Well done for so aptly portraying someone in desperate need of the Wayne Cook exercise!

Recession Proof Your Health

Here's an opportunity to join Donna Eden in a free teleseminar, and find out what Energy Medicine can do for you. She's an engaging and entertaining speaker. It will be time well spent! Mark your calendar: Tuesday August 31, 2010 1:00 PM Eastern (12:00 PM Central, 10:00 AM Pacific)

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Computer muscle stress - relief is at hand!

75 percent of Americans use the Internet and spend an average three hours a day online, according to Brad Stone in a 2005 report*. That was before the advent of the smart phone, iPad and other technological advances. This also doesn't take into account the amount of time Americans spend at their computers for work-related and other personal use. No wonder I see so much computer-related muscle stress in my massage practice on a daily basis!

So, the computer is a fact of life for us here in the western world. You may cut down (briefly) on time spent in front of a monitor when your neck and shoulders are screaming with pain. This, however, is no long term solution. What you really want is to continue using your computer AND reduce the amount of stress (and consequently, pain) your muscles endure. Help is at hand!

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Getting the Most out of your Massage

How to get the most out of your massage

Being on the other side of a massage today, as I received my weekly session, gave me an opportunity to ponder this question from the client's point of view.


Stay present throughout the session. This means staying present in your body, not zoning out or drifting off. Why? Change happens with awareness. Staying present and fine tuning your awareness gives both you and your therapist valuable information about what's going on.

Practice tuning in to the area being touched and learn to describe the sensations. Notice other areas of your body that are affected. In what way? Are you subtly tightening another area? Do you feel tingling or pain somewhere else?

Notice your thought process. Are old memories being released as the tissue unwinds? Or are you thinking about something non-related to avoid uncomfortable feelings or sensations?


A good therapist will remind you to breathe during your session and will have you work with focused breath during certain procedures. That doesn't however let you off the hook the rest of the time. Your breath is what keeps you present during a session and can help in bringing your awareness to the area being worked.

Does this mean you have to do deep breathing throughout the massage? No. There's no need to change your breathing, for the most part. Being aware of your breath and how you're breathing is the key. When tightness or discomfort is experienced as an area is being worked, sending deep, relaxed breath to that area can help tension dissolve and the tissue let go.

Active Involvement

Many people rate their massage by how quickly they can relax and fall asleep. I don't encourage falling asleep, (unless you're really sleep deprived and that's really the healing your body needs). With certain techniques, you may enter an altered state where you are deeply relaxed, but the key once again is staying present as much as possible.

Certain types of massage may require more active participation on your part than others. Your therapist may ask you to resist against a stretch, or move your body in a certain way to assist a release. Even if they don't, you can still stay involved by giving feedback from time to time of what you're experiencing. By this I mean, let them know when you feel something releasing. Do you notice a difference in an area of the body they have just finished working on? Express that. Apart from providing valuable information to your therapist, this also helps you own the changes that are happening in your body.

At the end of the session, take a moment or two to notice how you feel. Is it different than when you lay down at the beginning of the session? How? Do you feel taller? Lighter? Free from worries?

Stay in that space when you stand up and dress, noticing how you are moving and what has changed in your body. This will give you an opportunity to maintain any new ways of movement. Old patterns persist when we are on automatic and even though much may have shifted during a session, if you don't notice or stay aware of what has changed, the body will simply go back to the old ways it knows.

"Awareness is the beginning of all transformation." Osho, Hammer on the Rock

"When we ignore energy, we miss 99% of reality (...) When we leave energy out of of our bio medicine, we miss a vast amount of our healing potential. And we've been wearing blinders, we've been using tunnel vision for a hundred years." Dr James Oschman

VIDEO: The Power of Energy Medicine

Watch Donna Eden and David Feinstein in these interviews with the Tarcher publisher, Joel Fotinos
If you've been looking for a clear and easy to understand introduction to Energy Medicine and Energy Psychology, here it is.

You can follow along with the demonstrations and learn some hands-on techniques for yourself.

VIDEO: The Power of Energy Medicine

Surrogate Energy Testing and Dogs

Yes, you're right, this is my golden retriever, Ruby, wearing a T-shirt that says "Your Body Is My Business. Have a Massage." And no, I'm not exploiting my four-legged friend by using her to advertise my business! The T-shirt is to stop her from pulling out the stitches in her right shoulder, following a minor surgery she had at the weekend (this was the smallest T-shirt I could find to fit her). Here she is looking like she's enjoying life in her new attire.

Ruby had been limping on and off on her right front leg for a while. Actually, a long while - several months, maybe even a year or more. It would come and go, and didn't seem to unduly bother her. She would limp briefly, hold up her paw, which we'd check, find nothing there, and she'd be on her way, seemingly forgetting about it. Our vet suspected arthritis in the shoulder. I would massage around the joint for a while and she'd stop limping.

Then a few weeks ago she stopped wanting to jump in the back of the car (she's always been a very agile jumper), asking for the ramp each time. She would still run at top speed when out on the trails, dig and play the "pully" game with her toys, so again, we put it down to arthritis and her age (almost 10). That was until last Saturday when the limping came on with a vengeance. She would walk a few steps, stop and hold up the paw, we'd check, find nothing, she'd walk a few more steps and hold the paw up again. Back home, she wasn't her usual self and seemed to be asking for something, but we couldn't figure out what. It appeared she wanted to go out, even though we'd only just come back from a walk, but as soon as we were walking again, the limp/stop/check routine would start over. Obviously there was something painful going on with her leg and we needed to find out why.

Once more, I went through the whole paw-checking procedure, this time wearing magnifiers and with the tweezers at hand. Once again, I found nothing, not even a pad sore to the touch, that may have indicated embedded glass or other foreign object. Okay, I thought, time for some Energy Medicine.

For those of you not familiar with Eden Energy Medicine, energy testing has a big role in the accurate determination of what is needed in terms of techniques. We use an indicator muscle to check the flow of energy, and can localize any point on the body to discover where energy is unbalanced, sluggish or otherwise upset. With small children, very sick people or pets, where asking for resistance in a muscle is impractical, surrogate testing is used. So instead of asking Ruby to "please hold out your paw and resist against my pressure", we have someone touch Ruby while we test their indicator muscle to show us what's going on with Ruby. So, I acted as the surrogate, while my partner, Tod, did the testing.

In less than a minute I had, with one hand, scanned the whole of Ruby's right leg, while Tod was constantly testing against my other outstretched arm. My arm faltered at the shoulder muscle. We went somewhere else and tested then went back there and tested again. Definitely "weak", i.e. I couldn't keep my arm up against his downward pressure while I was touching Ruby on her shoulder muscle.

I knew from previous discussions with our vet that the arthritis we were suspecting was in an area more to the front of the body, since the anatomy of a dog's shoulder differs from that of a human. The energy disruption we were seeing was definitely in the muscle at the top of the leg. Now I was thinking more in terms of a pulled muscle or tendon, maybe a tear in the tissue from digging or a sudden turn while running.

I palpated the muscle to see if I could feel any differences in the tissue quality. I'd massaged this muscle many times, but palpation is different. It's a lot more precise and focused. I moved my fingers over the muscle in small increments, letting them sink in a feel for knots or adhesions. Suddenly I was feeling something odd, something that felt like a small stick or toothpick lying horizontally under the skin, slightly embedded in the muscle, something that felt like - a cactus spine!

We live in Sedona. Cacti are everywhere. Ruby has often got a few spines stuck in her. She usually lets us know and we get them out. Sometimes it requires tweezers and a lot of patience, but we always get them out. Or so we thought. We'd obviously missed this one and it had apparently been in there for some time, jabbing her in the muscle when she moved a certain way. Ouch! A quick call to our vet's office in Flagstaff and we got the last appointment of the day (not bad for a Saturday afternoon). Dr Leon Ford of Canyon Pet Hospital performed a truly skillful surgery with just a local anaesthetic (on our request), and within 20 minutes was presenting us with this little beauty.

Had I not known how to do surrogate energy testing, I'm not sure we would have discovered the cause of Ruby's pain any time soon. Energy testing really helped us narrow down where to look and how, by pinpointing the area we should focus on. We could have taken her in for x-rays, which possibly would have shown the culprit, but not knowing where to look would have meant putting her through a lot of radiation, or maybe a very expensive MRI.

This is an instance where Energy Medicine was used hand in hand (or should that be hand in paw?) with conventional medicine with a very successful outcome. Energy testing is such a simple tool to learn, and the more you use it, the more proficient you can become at using it accurately.

For anyone in the area who would like to learn some simple energy medicine tools, including how to energy test, I will be teaching an Energy Medicine 101 evening class on Friday, February 19 and again on Friday, March 5. For those who want to expand their knowledge and furnish their toolkit with all the basics, join me for a 2-day Energy Medicine: Essential Techniques on Sundays, February 21 & 28. Follow the links to register.

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Chimney Rock wash by Ian Hyde

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I've posted the photo of Chimney Rock wash in honor of my friend Ian who died earlier this week. He took a series of these beautiful photos a few years ago.

Tickets for Donna Eden in Sedona

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Interview with Donna Eden

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Donna is always a delightful interview guest, and is an engaging and informative speaker, whether the subject is Energy Medicine or her new grandchild.

This is a free event and is open to everyone. All you need to attend is a computer with internet access or a phone. Go directly to the webcast page via this link. More information is available here.