Breath of Life

As we breathe, so do we live. How we breathe is how we relax, how we begin and complete tasks, how we absorb and digest information, how we cope with strong feelings and the unfamiliar. It is how we access whole-brain function and balanced brainwave cycles.

Nearly every intangible we value in life is mediated and quality-controlled by our respiration: physical vitality, emotional and mental clarity, nurturing rest, relief from past trauma, connectedness to others, openness to new experiences, and joy, to name a few. Through these and other gifts, breath invites us to live each moment fully and freely.

Breath is more than fuel. It is also a force - mechanical, electro-magnetic and hydraulic - moving constantly through the body. It provides an outlet for toxins, an internal massage for organs and tissue, and diffusion for unexpressed emotions. It is the switch for the body's relaxation response and the gateway to slow-wave brain states.

A fluid flow of abundant breath is what our bodies, psyches and spirits are meant to have. If we are stingy with our breath, we lessen our quality of life. Yet all of us at times restrict or interrupt healthy breathing as we react to stress, fear, sadness, fatigue, injury or other cues.

A guided breath session can help restore us to balance. With safe support we readily recognize and dissolve habits of suppression, avoidance, "upside-down" breathing, and any other impediment to fluid breathing mechanics. Each session brings greater awareness and easier, fuller flow. Vivid trans-personal and spiritual experiences may occur during states of deep, breath-induced relaxation. [Read more...]