Getting Back On Track

Aside from some noticing a change in some TV and radio schedules, Arizonans (except those living on the Navajo Nation) are blissfully unaware of what most of the rest of the country went through this past weekend. Yes, I'm talking about the Fall time change, when the initial euphoria at realizing you have an extra hour in bed on Sunday morning is quickly tempered by the not so pleasant realization that it now gets dark an hour earlier. There are other repercussions too, as your body clock tries to adjust to the shift. Different mealtimes and bedtimes can make you feel out of sorts for a few days.

Sparky (her nom de plume), the Innersource blogger, "face" of their Facebook page and website updater, did some research on Energy Medicine techniques to get you through the time change with minimal disruption. She did a wonderful job, pulling tips from various senior practitioners as well as Donna Eden herself. But then a minor glitch in her preparations appeared. Somehow she forgot to do the techniques herself! Sparky wrote a lovely post on the Innersource blog about her experience following the time change. I'm sure there are a few of you who can relate. So please, go on over to the blog, read about what you should have been doing last week and do it now!

Have you been feeling (or looking) like this?

Deb Vetter was the winner of the costume contest at the Eden Energy Medicine Certification Program Halloween party in Phoenix recently. Well done for so aptly portraying someone in desperate need of the Wayne Cook exercise!