Calming The Stress Response In Our Fast Paced World

Angela Melton of Empowering Energy Medicine is the latest blogger to share her thoughts on Making Eden Energy Medicine Our Own.

She writes on a subject familiar to many of us.

I have always been proud of my ability to multi-task while maintaining attention to detail in my fast-paced life. What I didn’t realize was that, although I felt like I was able to do it all, I was actually surviving in adrenal overload mode. I kept telling myself that when I was finished with whatever I was tied up with doing I would finally be able to take a break and “breathe”, but that time never came. It seemed that just when I was done with one all-consuming task, another was already revving up to take its place. Because of this I was always too busy to relax and enjoy life in real time. However, I was oblivious to this fact because I was moving too fast to see it, and the world around me was spinning right along with me. Our society encourages us to move faster and do more (at whatever cost), and rewards those of us who have these traits, and I had bought into the belief that this was what I was to do if I wanted to get ahead in life. [read more]

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