Tracking Energies with the Meridian Flow Wheel

The Making Eden Energy Medicine Our Own blog has a very interesting post today from Judith Poole. It's a subject dear to my heart. I love working with the meridian flow wheel and following patterns of energetic disturbance. Here is Judith's take on the subject.

Illustration from Judith's "Be In Better Balance Book" - the
illustration is by Martha Tierney

There is so much information in this simple graphic. Sometimes I wonder what it might have been like to have lived at the time that folks observed these energetic relationships. They were aware that energy is most available to different organs and their associated meridians at different times of the day. And they noticed that there is an exquisite order to this pattern. I suspect this knowledge was so embedded in people’s experience at the time that they didn’t think very much about it. Perhaps it was similar to people knowing the time of day and the changing seasons by watching the movements of the sun. [read more]

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