Pinkie Shoot Your Problems to the Moon (or Sun)!

Kids love playing with energy! There's no doubt about it. They are more sensitive to their energies than many adults, and can quickly feel the results of simple exercises.

Jill Carter, who is on faculty for the Eden Energy Medicine Certification Program, recently blogged on the Making Eden Energy Medicine Our Own site about how she has adapted energy techniques into her family life. If you've got kids, or are just a big kid yourself, try these out:

Family Fun with Eden Energy Medicine

Pinkie Shoot Your Problems to the Moon (or Sun)!

When your heart is feeling heavy or you’re feeling overwhelmed Donna Eden teaches that you can put one hand on your heart and the other arm outstretched as if you’re dancing with a partner and then have all of your problems go down your outstretched arm and off your heart meridian. In our house we’ve revised this technique to be a “Pinkie Shoot.” We put our problems in an imaginary rocket and use our heart’s fire to launch the rocket zipping from the heart to the armpit and then down the pinkie side of our arms (along the heart meridian). [read more]


Titanya said...

I love this adaption of my Mother's excersize....thanks Jill and Jyoti for posting this! I will be teaching a morning class in certification program in Feb on the heart and the lungs. I'd love to give you this exercise we(mom and I) call, "Leonardo's Heart Code". This is for strengthening the Heart, Heartache and Lungs.
You can do this standing or lying down, but lying down stretches it better...1.)Make yourself like Leonardo's Energy man(the one that is outstretched like a star...Arms and legs spread to the sides.) 2.) Breathe in as You are going to very slowly raise your right arm(leading from the baby finger so you get a real stetch), as your head slowly turns to the left.Breathe out.3.) Bring that hand slowly to your heart chakra and breathe out as your head comes center. 4. Repeat on other side.
Love you all! Titanya

P.S I heard that my Mom might be teaching about heartache at IGEEM this year!

Jyoti said...

This is awesome, Titanya. Thanks so much for sharing. I will post this on the Energy Medicine Sedona on Facebook so more people get a chance to see it. Looking forward to your mom teaching at IGEEM - for those of you who don't know, Titanya's mom is Donna Eden!