Compassion for Self

Jennifer Mills, EEM-CP, explores a subject on the Making Eden Energy Medicine Our Own blog that speaks to us all. She uses Eden Energy Medicine to turn this into something positive and healing.

It appears to me that here in the United States we live in a culture in which the media encourages us to look as young and vibrant as long as possible, acquire vast material possessions, and "work hard" filling our 24-hour day with as much “productivity” as we can pump out. Collectively we compare ourselves to others and our young generations bear witness to this. Add to this a growing list of responsibilities, be it family, civic, and otherwise. Our energies become thin as our collective expectations grow thicker.

My question: with our predisposition to hurdle into the whirlwind of checking the proverbial box and gotta-know-now media, where is our lesson to slow down for self-compassion? We are taught ad nauseum to treat others as we would like to be treated, but there remains a great divide between that and treating ourselves. Is it possible to put aside the wishes and desires of others and their perceptions of us so that we may give ourselves permission to live the beautiful life we are designed to live naturally…and perhaps begin that life with self-compassion?  [read more...] 

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