Energy Medicine Self-Care Tips

How would you like to have some simple, easy to follow techniques and exercises that will only require a few minutes of your time, and will help you to go about your day with a healthier, happier body and a spring in your step?

Starting today (because, quite honestly, what better time is there than right now?), I'll be posting regular self-care tips, focusing on different areas of the body and addressing those common, niggling complaints that keep us from being fully productive and full of zing in our daily lives.

If you're familiar with Donna Eden's book Energy Medicine (buy your copy here if you don't already have one - you'll be so happy you did!), the exercises and techniques will act as a reminder for what you already know. If the whole Energy Medicine arena is new to you, then you'll find you can start building your own toolbox of vital techniques to take care of your health and well being. In fact, these exercises are so easy, you won't even need a toolbox - you can keep them right in your back pocket!

Today's tip: How to Clear a Fuzzy Head or The Crown Pull

The Symptoms: You know the feeling. It's like your brain's been working overtime and there's just too much stuff in there. You really need to be able to think clearly, but the harder you try, the more slowed down you feel.

What to do: Stop right now! Take a deep breath (in through the nose, out through the mouth), and continue with deep breaths throughout the exercise.

  1. Bring your fingertips to the base of the skull (where the head meets the back of the neck). Massage and rub deeply from the center of the ridge out to the sides. Do it a couple of times.
  2. Bring your fingertips to your forehead. Starting at the eyebrows, curl your fingers in at the center of your forehead and drag them with pressure out towards the temples. Do 2 -3 passes, working your way up to the hairline.
  3. Continue this movement in increments from the hairline over the top of the head, digging in at the center line and pulling the fingers apart 2 - 3 inches, just as if you're opening up your head.
  4. Continue down the back of the head and neck to on top of the shoulders.
  5. (Optional) Comb your fingers up through the hair to the top of the head. Grasp the hair at the roots and tug it slightly away from the scalp. This helps for those of us with very tight scalps. If you have a sensitive head, you may want to leave this step out. 

Effects: Your head is probably starting to feel a little buzzy, tingly or warm, and like maybe there is some more space inside. There is!

Stagnant energy is able to move out allowing energy to flow again. Circulation is increased, as is the pumping of cerebrospinal fluid, and your nervous system starts to calm. With energy able to move through the crown chakra again, you're opening yourself to inspiration and connection to a higher source (God, the Universe - however that is best expressed for you).


Marl Renfro said...


That worked great. Thanks for such a simple but powerful secret.

Best wishes,


Jyoti said...

Yes, it's easy to pass over the simple techniques, but they are so effective when done regularly. Promise I'll put some new ones up soon!